About Us


 “The introduction of new laboratory systems to scientific community with highest international quality standards and provide best technical support to achieve maximum efficiency are our main goals”.

These aims and also my desire to help young talented people ,pushed me to create a company which now is called Bita Co. Ltd. Introduction of research, laboratory and educational systems and also technical support to hundreds of scientific and research institutions and universities, is the main result of our efforts since 1990. Holding numerous training courses within country and abroad such as Germany, Switzerland and Canada to acquisition of more comprehensive skills by researchers and scientists, was one of other services presented by Bita Company.

Awards received from numerous scientific and research centers make us stronger in our course to continue our movements. At present, Bita is one of the leading company providing the equipment, mainly used in biotechnology, plant physiology and routine laboratories. Having exclusive representative of several European and Canadian companies which generally started collaboration with us from the beginning of Bita foundation, enable us to serve research and laboratory centers in several areas. We are also proud to work with young graduated specialists who completed their master and  PhD's. Such a qualified stuff make our company trustable for all customers. Me and my stuff in Bita deeply hope to extend our activity to a wider range and as always we are waiting to receive support and even criticism from the valuable researchers.